EROAD CaRA: Collision and Rollover Alerts

The EROAD CaRA solution is designed to deliver emergency alerts to you and your designated first responders in the event of a serious collision or rollover incident involving your company vehicle.

Where such an incident occurs, an emergency alert email will be delivered to your key company contact and your preferred response service.

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Key Benefits

  • Delivers emergency alerts
    Emails are sent to key company contacts and your designated first responder

    We have an agreement with St John who are our preferred monitoring supplier in New Zealand
  • Sends alerts 24/7
    Notifies your preferred response service to enable them to dispatch emergency medical assistance to the scene of the serious collision or rollover incident
  • Driver assurance
    Drivers can be confident that in the event of a serious collision or rollover incident, relevant authorities are alerted, and help dispatched thereafter.


Serious collision or rollover incident is a collision force of greater than 4G or a rollover greater than 60 degrees from the horizontal, both incidents occurring either separately or at the same time.


Why use EROAD CaRA?

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 organisations have responsibilities for managing work-related risks that could cause serious injury or even death. Investing in the CaRA solution can help an employer meet relevant legislative requirements under the Act.  

How the EROAD CaRA Solution Works:

  1. When starting the engine, the CaRA unit is designed to send an automatic signal to the cloud-based MyEROAD system. This signal is called the 'heartbeat' which, if received by MyEROAD, indicates the CaRA unit is functioning. If the heartbeat is not received during ignition-on, the customer is automatically notified of the fault through messaging in MyEROAD and EROAD will investigate;     
  2. During the trip, should the vehicle suffer a serious collision or rollover incident, an alert is triggered and sent to MyEROAD;
  3. The organisation's key contact, such as its fleet manager, receives an alert showing the vehicle’s location and related telematics details;
  4. At the same time, the designated first responder automatically receives that same alert thus enabling them to dispatch help, as required.

Important information about the EROAD CaRA Solution
  1. The EROAD CaRA Solution does not replace the need for you to ensure emergency services have been contacted directly in the event of a serious collision or rollover incident. It must not be relied on as a life saving device. 

  2. The EROAD CaRA Solution may be unavailable at times due to maintenance, modifications, faults or outages of EROAD services or hardware. The CaRA solution also depends on availability and proper performance of third-party services, systems and networks, such as mobile networks and email services, which are beyond the control of EROAD.

    For example, the EROAD CaRA Solution will not send an alert if:

    • the cellular network is unavailable, whether due to a network outage or lack of coverage.
      Network coverage maps can be accessed here: Vodafone | Spark
    • MyEROAD is unavailable due to a scheduled or unscheduled outage;
    • the collision force is less than 4G or the rollover is less than 60 degrees from the horizontal;
    • you have been advised previously of a heartbeat signal issue through MyEROAD.

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