U Book-It helps you make significant savings on fleet costs by using booking and utilisation data to right-size your fleet.

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Key Benefits

  • Improve accuracy
    Automatically populates and updates the U Book-It fleet pool, reducing the risk of errors and and administrative time
  • Increase utilisation
    Reminders and booking confirmation emails reduce risk of abandoned bookings and underutilisation of pool vehicles
  • Drive down fleet costs
    Helps you right-size your fleet and make material cost savings through improved vehicle utilisation

Right-size your vehicle fleet

Managing vehicle bookings to ensure that pool vehicles aren’t sitting idle due to late cancellations or no shows is a time consuming, expensive process.

U Book-It makes it easy by removing the manual setup required by other vehicle booking systems and providing real-time visibility of your pool vehicles.


U Book-It is a secure, easy to use booking system that can be accessed from any web-enabled device. It integrates with MyEROAD web application, providing real-time location of vehicles and current booking details. U Book-It automatically populates and updates the U Book-It fleet pool with vehicle details.

To further improve efficiency, you can book a seat as a passenger in a vehicle that’s already travelling to where you want to go.

Utilisation reporting allows you to improve vehicle utilisation, identify over capacity, and right size your fleet.


  • Booking can be automatically cancelled if location data shows the vehicle has not been picked up or has been returned early
  • Reminders and booking confirmations emailed prior to a booking, reducing risk of no shows
  • Utilisation report identifies over capacity by displaying bookings against set targets, cancelled hours and overall usage
  • Booking report provides full booking details including cost centre, enabling charge back to business units
  • Cost centre is automatically populated against booker
  • ‘Available hours’ can be set for each vehicle
  • Use Find a Seat to book a seat in an existing vehicle booking

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