EROAD Proof of Service

EROAD Proof of Service provides a new ‘gold standard’ for contract reporting to help your business build strong and sustainable customer relationships.

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Key Benefits

  • Accurate geo-location data
    Provide your customers with verifiable proof that contract conditions and services have been completed
  • Streamlined contract reporting
    A highly accurate record of auxiliary equipment activity, drastically reducing the time taken for contract reporting
  • Map visualisation
    For quick proof of activity across a day, week or month
  • Customer visibility
    Provide your customers with a log-in to view activity completed in their own portal view

The new 'gold standard' for contract reporting

EROAD Proof of Service simplifies contract reporting to help you with invoicing, retention and dispute resolution for civil maintenance or construction engagements.

The Proof of Service report delivers a verifiable record of auxiliary equipment activity based on EROAD’s highly accurate tracking devices - Ehubo2 and ETrack Wired.


Once the vehicle’s auxiliary equipment is connected to EROAD’s hardware – the report can deliver an accurate, verifiable, record of service to your customers.

The Proof of Service report delivers a comprehensive description of civil contracting activity such as pavement gritting, sweeping, snow clearance, mowing, road sweeping, road marking or of construction activity such as digging, rolling or grading.

For a completely frictionless experience, you have the option to provide the Contract Owner with a log-in to view activity completed in their own portal view.

EROAD Proof of Service

Developed specifically for the Civil Contracting and Construction market this report will enable your customers to log in and view activity against their contracts.

Proof of Service simplifies contract manager reporting - delivering an accurate, verifiable record of service to your customer.

The report delivers a comprehensive history of all sensor events as well as a map visualisation of auxiliary equipment usage.

Proof of service how it works


  • Full fleet tracking
    Visibility and management of all your assets, vehicles and auxiliary equipment
  • Rugged and accurate
    A watertight, rugged, easily installable, wired device with a small footprint that delivers superior tracking performance
  • Accurate Proof of Service reporting
    With a high level of accuracy, accelerometers, geofencing and 3 I/O ports you can connect seamlessly to EROAD Proof of Service reporting to deliver outstanding customer service
  • Auxiliary equipment monitoring
    Full visibility and tracking of your auxiliary equipment usage – including hours of usage and location tracking that enables accurate proof of service reporting and service management

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