Truckers can now go fully paperless for off-road refunds

Claiming off-road refunds is now a completely paperless process for EROAD customers.

Until now, transport operators submitting a claim for a refund had to print off-road travel reports and mail them to NZTA. They can now submit them electronically with the click of a button, at no extra charge.

Automating off-road refunds completes the innovative end-to-end solution the company launched in 2009. EROAD’s electronic RUC solution enables operators to purchase road user charges online, receive automatic alerts when a RUC licence expires, and have a vehicle’s RUC status displayed on EROAD in-vehicle hardware, removing the need for paper labels.

Annalese McNair, Workshop Admin Supervisor for cold chain logistics company Halls Group, says the removal of paper forms has significantly increased the speed at which she processes off-road claims for hundreds of vehicles.

“I just processed 160 pages of RUCORs in six minutes,” Annalese says. “Now it’s just a click of a button and they’re submitted. I love it! It’s made my life so much easier!”

In the two weeks after EROAD launched its electronic off-road filing, customers submitted $500K worth of off-road reports.

John Freeman, Manager of Road User Charges at NZTA, says EROAD’s latest innovation will enable the agency to process claims faster. “It aligns with NZTA’s strategy of moving from paper to digital,” he said.

From this month, there is zero paperwork required for companies using EROAD’s RUC solution, with customers also able to register the company’s in-vehicle hardware with NZTA electronically rather than mailing paper RUCHO (change of hubodometer) forms.

“We’re continually enhancing our solution to help our customers run more compliant, profitable businesses. We’re very excited to be able to offer what will be a real game changer for many,” EROAD CEO Steven Newman said.


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