Halls signs with EROAD to boost visibility

Halls Group has signed an agreement to fit out its entire fleet with the EROAD system.

The cold chain logistics company has ambitious growth plans, which include building Auckland’s largest food storage facility for chilled, frozen and ambient foods fleet, and centralising visibility into its nationwide fleet.

“We want to move to a point where we can control information through technology and we see EROAD as the technology enabler for that,” Halls Group Chief Executive, Alan Pearson, said. “We’ve always had temperature integrity. What we haven’t had is the ability to monitor driver performance and driver behaviour.”

He said Halls made the decision to install the EROAD system at a board meeting last week.

“It was a no brainer,” he said. “Based on our analysis and pilots of competing systems, EROAD is the superior solution.

“We’re cautious adopters of technology but it is clear to us that the EROAD solution adds to our bottom line and offers a range of features that will be particularly valuable to us.”

In addition to its driver behaviour tools, the EROAD solution will help Halls move away from labour-intensive manual reporting, providing electronic RUC, electronic logbooks and data analytics. Mr Pearson says the move to exception reporting, which the EROAD system offers, will deliver significant benefits to Halls in terms of labour efficiency and people management.

“We have no doubt EROAD will help take Halls where we want to go," he said.

“We’re very excited about the opportunity to work with a market-leader like Halls,” said EROAD CEO Steven Newman. “We’re confident that our technology can help Halls develop innovative solutions for further growth.”


Photo: Alan Pearson, CEO, Halls Group (left) with Steven Newman, CEO, EROAD


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