EROAD moves to Amazon enterprise cloud

EROAD’s rapid growth and expansion into international markets has necessitated a shift from a physical server-based infrastructure to the Amazon enterprise cloud.

Cloud computing, which is estimated to be worth US$40 billion worldwide, allows companies to maximise scalability and launch into multiple international markets. EROAD is moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its US and Australian implementations.

Engineering Manager Jarred Clayton described the company’s cloud-based strategy at the AWS Summit in Auckland on 30 May – one of a series of events held in major cities around the world. Amazon CTO Dr Werner Vogels was the keynote speaker at the Auckland event, which drew more than 600 delegates from the ICT industry.

Jarred co-presented on Web Scale Applications with Glenn Gore, Manager - Solutions Architect, AWS. The main points of his presentation were as follows:

• The shift to AWS allows EROAD to ride the infrastructure innovation wave at commodity prices.

• AWS Building Blocks means the company can build new environments in minutes, across multiple regions and availability zones.

• EROAD has built a fault-tolerant, autonomous, self-healing environment utilising cloud elasticity through auto-scaling.

• EROAD is a highly secure tolling platform. With AWS infrastructure we are aligned with best security practices and IT security standards (ISO 27001, FIPS).

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