EROAD launches vehicle booking system

Users can create and manage their vehicle bookings from any web-enabled device using U Book-It, which integrates with EROAD’s web application, Depot. If a vehicle has an EROAD hardware device installed, the EROAD system automatically populates and updates the U Book-It fleet pool with the vehicle details, which significantly reduces the risk of errors, and lowers administration time and setup costs.

The current booking status for any vehicle in a fleet is shown using real-time location data and the system can automatically cancel a booking if a vehicle pick up doesn’t take place. Reminders and booking confirmations are emailed prior to a booking, reducing the risk of no shows for pool vehicles.

The EROAD system is currently used by around a third of local and regional councils around New Zealand to improve fleet optimisation, health and safety, and automate paper-based processes. With the release of U Book-It they are able to make further cost savings by simplifying the booking process, utilising pool vehicles, and using booking and utilisation data to right-size their fleets.

“We developed U Book-It in response to feedback from customers who wanted an easier way of managing their pool vehicles,” said EROAD CEO Steven Newman. “The security and reliability of the EROAD system will enable them to take operational efficiency to a new level by using real-time data to manage vehicle bookings and make material cost savings by right sizing their fleets.”

U Book-It utilisation reports display bookings data including vehicle utilisation against set targets, booked hours, cancelled hours and overall usage.

Download the media release.

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