EROAD launches Service Module to lower maintenance costs

Repairs and maintenance are a significant component of transport business expenses representing upwards of 10% of vehicle operating costs.

EROAD has developed an innovative Service Module to provide operators with a powerful tool to improve transparency around vehicle costs and better control service and maintenance expenses. The web-based Service Module allows operators to plan maintenance, monitor suppliers and benchmark vehicles to expose what’s really going on in their fleets.

EROAD’s Commercial Manager, Peter Batcheler says “Every trucker knows that high workshop costs and unforeseen maintenance bills have the potential to seriously hurt their cashflow and business. The EROAD Service Module will allow operators to proactively manage the maintenance and repair of their vehicle fleet helping to eliminate nasty surprises and identify cost trends.”

Service Module key features:

  • Operator and workshop vehicle service alerts, including COF, WOF and Rego.
  • Standard and custom service scheduling by date and/or distance.
  • Ability to record supplier, service details, costs, invoice number and details, and notes.
  • Ability to record unforeseen service events such as emergency repair work.
  • Service history reports by vehicle, date and/or category.
  • Ability to benchmark and monitor trends by vehicle, category, and supplier.
  • Ability to provide service suppliers with web access to selected vehicles and fleets.
  • Full service history archive functionality.

Impending changes introduced by the Road User Charges Bill will require transport operators to create and keep records for up to 6 years including records and invoices relating to the maintenance of vehicles. EROAD’s Service Module helps clients to effortlessly meet the more stringent compliance requirements introduced by the new legislation.


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