EROAD launches Electronic Logbook

EROAD is helping to reduce fatigue-related crashes by making it easier for transport operators to track driver work hours.

EROAD Electronic Logbook replaces the paper logbooks that truck drivers use to record work and rest time data. It automatically captures vehicle movement, location and driver duty status in real time, and alerts drivers when they’re due for a rest break or at risk of violating work-time rules.

Driver fatigue is a significant contributor to crashes involving heavy vehicles and maintaining paper records to meet work time requirements can be time consuming and open to error. A US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration study released in May found that trucks with electronic logging devices (electronic logbooks) had an 11.7% lower crash rate and a 5.1% lower preventable crash rate than those without.

Mana Transport, which took part in a field trial of EROAD Electronic Logbook, described it as a game changer.

“EROAD Electronic Logbook means better management of drivers’ hours, reduced driver fatigue and improved compliance because it’s more accurate and easier to use than paper logbooks,” said Tony Milham, General Manager, Mana Transport. “Having 24/7 access to live data is a real-world advantage. With this system there is no room for error.”

Mr Milham said Mana Transport drivers were disappointed when the trial ended and they were forced to revert to paper record keeping. The product has now been approved by NZTA and is available for commercial use.

Steven Newman, EROAD CEO, said the logbook was an important addition to a portfolio of products designed to enhance health and safety compliance. “We’re confident EROAD Electronic Logbook will play an important role in reducing crash rates in the industry, as well as making compliance a less onerous task for transport operators,” he said.

EROAD Electronic Logbook is one of a suite of safety-focused products included in EROAD’s free Driver 2.0 app, released this week for Android tablets and smartphones. The app also features the company’s messaging product, EZmessage, and an electronic vehicle inspection checklist.

EROAD is currently developing a version of its Electronic Logbook for the US, where electronic logbooks will become compulsory for commercial vehicles within the next few years – a mandate that extends to around 4.5 million interstate drivers.


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USA EROAD Electronic Logbook launch

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