EROAD enhances fleet management with secure data sharing

EROAD is making it easier for truck companies to track vehicles they have contracted out to other operators.

Transport companies frequently lease vehicles that are temporarily surplus to requirements to other operators in order to maximise their investment.

EROAD’s new Share feature allows companies sharing vehicles to also securely share data. It means large organisations with multiple subsidiaries can view all of the fleets within the group as one, to better manage dispatch, journey planning and other operational tasks. It is also being used by truck leasing companies and industry consultants to manage customer vehicles.

EROAD CEO Steven Newman said EROAD Share was developed in response to demand from customers. “We’re very pleased to be able to announce a feature that has such broad applications for our customers, from maximising ROI and improving visibility, to playing a role in emergency management,” Steven Newman said.

EROAD customer Southern Milk Transport sub-contracts milk tankers to three other companies, and has been tracking the vehicles using multiple log-ins to EROAD’s web application. With EROAD Share, it can now see all of its vehicles in one screen.

Brett Hamilton, Transport Operations Manager at Southern Milk Transport in Invercargill, said having a complete view of all of its vehicles, including those being operated by other companies, is a major logistical improvement.

“With EROAD Share we can see all of our vehicles in one screen, on one map, with one log-in. It makes it much easier to manage day-to-day operations and journey planning. It’s brilliant,” Brett Hamilton said.

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