EROAD announces next-generation platform

EROAD has announced the release of its world-leading, second-generation in-vehicle hardware, Ehubo2, which supports multiple applications on a single device.

The first application for Ehubo2, Drive Buddy, launches this week, supporting safe driving by providing real-time feedback on a visual display.

Drive Buddy’s screen shows accurate vehicle speed, alerting drivers using a simple system of green/amber/red icons. Harsh braking, sharp cornering and unnecessary idling also generate driver alerts.

EROAD CEO Steven Newman said Drive Buddy was designed to provide real-time in-vehicle feedback in an informative, positive way without distracting drivers.

“In-vehicle technology has a crucial role to play in making vehicles safer workplaces,” Steven Newman said. “We’re confident that Ehubo2 will make compliance with health and safety regulations significantly easier for the transport sector.”

Mt Maunganui logistics company NZL Group Ltd  installed Drive Buddy in 70 trucks in preparation for impending changes in health and safety legislation. The company’s aim, when it decided to take part in EROAD’s field pilot of Drive Buddy, was to reduce speed and provide the best in-cab tools for its drivers, said NZL Group Ltd Senior Projects Manager, Lajanne Smith.

“We knew we needed to be more proactive around better driver behaviour and not just rely on GPS units,” Lajanne Smith said. “Drive Buddy acts as a guide to the driver. We’ve noticed a huge decrease in vehicle speeding since we installed it.”

EROAD expects Ehubo2 to be approved by the New Zealand Transport Agency as an electronic distance recorder by the end of 2015. Ehubo2 will also support EROAD’s messaging product, EZmessage and Driver ID, which assigns a driver to a particular vehicle.

Watch Drive Buddy video.

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