EROAD and KiwiRail work together to improve productivity and safety

EROAD has won a major tender to supply KiwiRail with an advanced GPS fleet management system for their fleet of light and heavy commercial vehicles.

EROAD’s technology platform will assist KiwiRail to manage their large commercial fleet more effectively, with a special focus on RUC optimisation, fuel efficiency, compliance, workplace safety, vehicle utilisation and environmental performance.

EROAD’s CEO, Steven Newman says, “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with KiwiRail on their Turnaround Plan for a viable and efficient rail industry. A partnership with EROAD will increase business productivity and support KiwiRail’s goal to develop a sustainable rail business.”

EROAD is a New Zealand owned company that has implemented the world’s first GPS/Cellular Eruc system for commercial vehicles. EROAD has also developed a comprehensive suite of fleet tracking and driver support tools.

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