EROAD Driver Login supports safe driving with unique PIN system

EROAD has taken safety compliance for transport operators to a new level with a unique identification system for drivers.

A study the transport technology company conducted last month found that driver accountability reduces speeding by at least 50%.

EROAD’s second-generation hardware, Ehubo2, now includes a simple, secure and intuitive PIN-based login that enables drivers to identify themselves before they start driving. This helps to reinforce to drivers that they are personally responsible for the vehicle and how it is driven while they are logged in. Driver Login has been designed to be easy to use, with drivers selecting their name from a list on the device’s touchscreen then entering a four-digit PIN.

For vehicle fleets, it provides enhanced visibility of driver location and driving times, as well as detailed reports and insights on driver performance.

“Promoting safe driving is easier when operators know who’s behind the wheel,” EROAD New Zealand General Manager, Tony Warwood, said. “Driver Login offers a crucial tool to help minimise risk and simplify compliance with the new health and safety regulations.”

Ehubo2 was approved in March this year by NZ Transport Agency as an electronic distance recorder. The device also features driver messaging, fuel management, in-cab driver feedback and electronic RUC (road user charges) management.

NZ Driver Login 1.0

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