Bidfood installs EROAD solution

14 August Auckland Wholesale food distributor Bidfood has chosen to install EROAD’s Ehubo2 system into all of the delivery and sales vehicles.

Bidfood has 26 branches around New Zealand, with 400 delivery vehicles and another 100 in its sales fleet.

“We run a very decentralised system and with EROAD we now have 26 branches doing things the same way,” said Phil Struckmann, Bidfood Chief Executive. “It gives us the ability to integrate systems nationwide, from daily fuel reporting from BP, to vehicle maintenance, to fleet management.”

Mr Struckmann said the recent changes in health and safety regulations were also a contributing factor in the company’s choice of EROAD technology, due to its sophisticated driver behaviour features.

“The key to improving driving is the real-time feedback on how drivers are performing – notifying them in real time if they’re speeding, or braking or cornering harshly. With EROAD they’ll get an alert not just if they’re speeding, but if they’re going 57 in a 50k zone. It’s a critical component of health and safety.”

Encouraging improved driving has a sustained effect on the company’s bottom line, Mr Struckmann said, with a resulting reduction in accidents, lower insurance costs, reduced fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear. With trucks and vans delivering food nationwide, he also expects significant cash flow benefits by purchasing road user charges electronically, in smaller increments and automated calculation and return of off-road claims.

“It was the overall package in terms of what EROAD offered that was so compelling,” he said. “It’s not just in terms of being able to more effectively manage our fleet and make cost savings. This allows us to consolidate, and take care of our drivers in a tough industry.”

“We are delighted that Bidfood has chosen our solution to help to meet its business and driver needs,” said EROAD New Zealand General Manager Tony Warwood. “We look forward to working with them as we continue to develop our technology to make life easier for businesses like Bidfood.”

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