How to manage a construction site under all COVID-19 Alert Levels

EROAD’s Construction Site Management Strategy will help   

Under all Alert Levels businesses need to put together appropriate health and safety controls, and physical distancing is of prime importance. This means everyone on the construction site needs to keep one metre between themselves and others. The control plan needs to show how hygiene requirements such as hand washing are being undertaken, plus what measures are in place if contact tracing is required.

Each construction site operating at Alert Levels 2 and above needs to have in place a COVID-19 Control Plan. This plan will guide how the principal or main contractor and contractors will manage work on site and the controls they will use to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission. There must always be a nominated person on site when work is occurring who is responsible for administering the COVID-19 management plan. This can be shared among multiple people from different contractors for an individual site if required.

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EROAD’s Construction Site Management Strategy

Before arriving on site 

Each contractor must provide to the site owner a COVID-19 Plan detailing the steps they will take to mitigate risks, including those who may present with COVID-19. The details of the plan should be communicated to workers before they start work

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EROAD Driver Login Log in with a unique PIN number, to identify who’s behind the wheel, so tracking can be completed if required.

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In-cab pretrip comms Send an in-cab message to the driver to answer and respond to – Are you fit to work? Has the cab been sanitised?  

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EROAD Inspect Complete pretrip checks and Health and Safety protocols. Utilise the notes field in the Inspect item, for any additional passenger information.

You can create a COVID-19 related pretrip checklist for the vehicle in the EROAD Inspect App. Check for items such as: Antibacterial products, Face mask, Goggles, Gloves, PPE equipment, COVID-19 signage, Sign-in register, Additional passenger names, Vehicle cleaning / sanitising.

Site entry

Each site must be set up with a sign in register at the entry point that includes: name, full contact details, time in, which unit (if multi-unit) the worker is accessing, and a health declaration. Note: This can be completed through a software / app-based system so long as all visitors are captured. This should also gather where the person has come from and when they are leaving for their next destination.

  • EROAD Driver Login Track and identify where your vehicles (and therefore drivers) have been if this is required for contract tracing information.
  • EROAD Share Connect with EROAD equipped subcontractors / suppliers and share accurate current and historical vehicle movements.
  • EROAD Geofence Site Activity Provides accurate information around the time on site for your vehicles (and therefore drivers).


Site operations – including deliveries and visitors

Site owners should coordinate works to ensure, unless unavoidable, that only one trade is operating on a single house site at any given time. Site owners / contractors need to ensure suppliers who will make deliveries to a site, have a COVID-19 plan and that Delivery Drivers will be trained in how to operate the plan.

  • EROAD Driver Login Log in with Driver ID so tracking can be completed if required.
  • In-cab pretrip comms Pretrip comms to the driver to ensure they are fit for work and the cab has been sanitised.
  • EROAD Inspect Complete pretrip checks and Health and Safety protocols and utilise the notes field in Inspect to include items or any additional passenger information.


Leaving site

All contractors, visitors and those making deliveries are required to sign out before they leave the site. This information needs to include the next destination, to assist with contact tracing in the event of a suspected COVID-19 case.

  • EROAD Geofence Site Activity Get geofence notifications to dispatch and be emailed to the site contact, advising the departure time from the site. You can also get a geofence notification sent to the site contact of vehicles entering a “No Go” geofence site.
  • EROAD Inspect Complete the Inspect template, re site requirements and complete the departure from site.

Contact Tracing

  • The site owner must identify all the sites that the worker / visitor in question has accessed and compile a list of all people that may have been in the same site within a period of 7 days.
  • The site owner must inform all those workers and their contracting companies that there could have been an exposure, whilst protecting the privacy of the individual where practicable.
  • Workers who may have had a suspected COVID-19 contact, need to stay at home until the case and contacts are confirmed or not in conjunction with Ministry of Health.


  • EROAD Stop Watch Geofence Accurate detail of all travel undertaken by vehicle / driver. Enables monitoring of time-on-site by setting time limits for geofences. If a vehicle enters the area and fails to exit within the set time limit, an automated email notification will be sent.
  • EROAD Historical Daily Fleet Activity Visibility of vehicle and driver and driver activity on any given day.
  • EROAD Geofence Site Activity Identify which vehicles have been in and out of site along with time on site capability. Retrospective Geofence Report, geofence an area and identify a date / time period to see which vehicles have been present within a defined area

The EROAD Contact Tracing Service

If in the unfortunate circumstance one of your drivers comes into contact with a person who has a suspected COVID-19 infection, EROAD can assist with wider contact tracing efforts. This is due to the GPS capabilities of the EROAD telematics solution, which utilises the Ehubo hardware unit fitted into company vehicles. The free EROAD Contact Tracing Service, can be called on in the case of a suspected infection, and this report can be used to help demonstrate to authorities your capability to record who your employees came into contact with.

  • EROAD can provide latitude/longitude location, geocoded address, geofence name if within a geofence, and stop duration for vehicle stops longer than 5 minutes in target time period
  • We can cross reference other vehicles in your organisation which were stopped in same location
  • For each stop, we provide a list of vehicles in your organisation (and therefore employees) that have been in contact

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Additional products to assist with track and trace

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EROAD ETrack Wired

  • Know where your powered auxiliary equipment is and be able to track and trace its movement
  • Theft protection and the ability to locate it, if it has been removed from the site (battery and direct power ability)


  • Keep track of plant on and off site
  • Identify if plant leaves the site without consent or inspection
  • The Inspect template can be completed for sanitisation of plant that is moved between sites
  • Track plant location history against users on site

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