Go paperless and let technology do the heavy lifting

In this new world we find ourselves in, working smarter and safely has never been more important.

Keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently and at the same time protecting staff can be enhanced by utilising technology.

You can improve communication with your drivers, the back-office staff and Managers, all with the use of smart technology.

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You can protect your drivers, protect your time and protect your business by going paperless in your vehicles cab

Protect your drivers by reducing the number of physical surfaces in the cab

The government recommends these simple but effective steps to slow the spread of the virus.

  1. Wash hands often
  2. Cough or sneeze into your elbow
  3. Cleaning surfaces. You need to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects. COVID-19 can remain on plastic and stainless steel surfaces for up to about 3 days and less than that for other types of surfaces.

Now you can help to protect your drivers in their vehicles, by removing paper documentation in their cabs. Paper has the potential to come into contact with the COVID-19 virus. EROAD’s paperless cab bundle removes some of this paper documentation and replaces it with easy to use digital tools.

Protect your time by reducing the admin burden of processing paper and running excel spreadsheets

Removing paper based and manual systems from your day will help to:

  1. Reduce the time you spend on admin
  2. Increase your productivity
  3. Reduce your lost information

It’s hard to think of anything less efficient than a paper-based system.

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1. Vehicle inspection

Paperless icons 600x400 before 2

2. Driver fills in a form on a clipboard

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3. Marks down everything that the sheet asks

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4. Driver delivers the form back to the vehicle depot

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5. Information is either typed into a computer or simply put in a folder in a filing cabinet.

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6. But this kind of duplicative effort vanishes as soon as mobile devices replace paper

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7. All this valuable information is automatically in a single centralised system (on a computer)

Protect your business by reducing costs and creating efficient workflows

Digital records that include photographs can make all the difference by reducing the time spent on maintaining workflows. Having the right information can help you to make smart decisions to boost the bottom line.

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1. Mobile devices, create information that is easy to analyse

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2. Turn into best practices

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3. Allowing you to spot issues

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4. Resolve problems

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5. Create efficiencies in your business

Moving to digital workflows and mobile devices will help to:

  1. Create efficiencies in your business
  2. Help to reduce costs
  3. Generate real business insights

Here's how EROAD can help your business.


EROAD Inspect

EROAD Inspect lets you carry out pre and post trip vehicle inspections on a mobile app or on the Ehubo2 device already installed in the vehicle cab. You can record any defects to be fixed, or maintenance to be completed. Defects are captured on the spot – using your own customisable templates – and immediately uploaded to the EROAD Defect Board on MyEROAD.

EROAD Service and Maintenance

EROAD Service and Maintenance simplifies vehicle maintenance with automated service scheduling based on time lapsed, distance travelled or engine hours, plus a full service history archive.

This solution provides tools you need to operate a compliant fleet, it provides the ability to reduce fleet downtime and operating costs and has the capability to drive vehicle health insights.

The new advanced features include:

SV2 NZ 1

In-cab engine hours meter that mirrors the engine hours meter in MyEROAD.

See the Help site for more information here »

SV2 NZ 2

In-cab pretrip comms are configurable questions and acknowledgments targeted in-cab for the driver to answer or respond to, this keeps drivers updated and reminds them of pretrip tasks.

SV2 NZ 3

In-cab service alerts is an Ehubo2 app that, pushes vehicle health information to the in-cab screen and displays due, overdue and planned service work. These features can be configured to be, enabled or disabled for selected fleets (launching soon)

EROAD Ehubo2 in-vehicle technology

The Ehubo2 has a driver facing screen, that offers multiple easy to use applications on a single device. It empowers drivers to make better choices on the road by reducing the number of speeding and harsh braking events. Though the use of Drive Buddy that gives immediate driver behaviour reporting and Posted Speed, where the actual driving speed is displayed against the road network speed.

The Ehubo2 has two applications that help the cab to become paperless. Driver Login uses a simple PIN driver identification system to identify the drivers and the vehicles, plus Messaging which is a two-way messaging system that connects the MyEROAD platform and the driver.

Ehubo2 Messaging 600x400

EROAD Electronic Logbook

EROAD Electronic Logbook is a powerful and intuitive tool on an Android mobile device that will modernise your business and reduce your drivers’ paperwork obligations and help the cab to become paperless. Paper logbooks are prone to mistakes and missing information, which exposes you to poor ORS ratings from driver violations. Not only is administering paper logbooks a costly exercise; it makes it difficult for you to keep on top of your drivers’ hours and ensure compliance.

Simplify your record keeping by accessing your driver logbook reports in real time on EROAD’s secure web platform, MyEROAD. Take away the guesswork and manage driver fatigue and work scheduling based on actual hours per day and export the data to your payroll system.


EROAD Electronic RUC

EROAD Electronic RUC (road user charges) solution allows you to buy your RUC when you need it, online 24/7 – no more paper licences and no vehicle downtime. This helps you to improve your cash flow, as you are only buying RUC where and when you need it, in legally minimum increments, with reduced risk of penalties due to accidental non-compliance. By using technology to enable electronic RUC, you can save time and money spent on RUC administration, and dispatching paper labels. 

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MyTrucking in partnership with EROAD

Online transport management made easy

MyTrucking is a powerful, cloud-based job management software that replaces paper-based systems. How the partnership works is, MyTrucking sends activity data to EROAD, then MyTrucking pulls distance, time and spatial data from EROAD, and MyTrucking produces your vehicle’s performance report. So, you can move away from paper, streamlining the process for dispatchers, drivers and accounts.

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