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"EROAD has so far brought down our over speed events from approximately 25,000 a month to about 1200.

It’s reduced our overall fuel bill by approximately 20% and accident incident rates by 20%."

Simon Batchelor
Fleet & Procurement Manager, McConnell Dowell

Take a fresh look at your fleet’s fuel usage to deliver big savings and sustainability

Fleet fuel costs can be up to 20% of an operator’s costs, and the environmental and public health impact can be significant with transport in New Zealand contributing to 40% of emissions.

An EROAD study found that our customers improved their fuel efficiency by an average of 6% after one year with EROAD. By focusing on safety, idling and active management you can reduce fuel waste and improve your bottom line.


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Drive sustainability and performance

EROAD Fuel Management simplifies fuel management, allowing you to compare fuel records against vehicle distance and location information and identify trends and exceptions across your fleet.

  • Save on fuel  
  • Better visibility  
  • Track performance
  • Benchmark efficiency
  • Exception reporting


Drive safely with EROAD

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"In the first month of using EROAD we received 7000 over speed alerts. We now see fewer than 150 a week.

As a result, I’ve seen my fuel cost drop by up to $3,000 per month, with increased utilisation and kilometres travelled by the fleet."

Ken McEwen
Manager Security & Campus Community Support, The University of Canterbury, Christchurch

The Power of Accountability

A new wave of safety technologies is helping drivers make smarter and safer decisions about how they drive on the road.

At EROAD we wanted to find out how technology could help make your drivers safer, and reduce on-road risk. We recently undertook a study and found that driver accountability reduces speeding by at least 50%.


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Better driver feedback

EROAD Posted Speed delivers real-time driver coaching in all speed zones – empowering drivers to make better driving choices based on road network data.

  • Real-time colour-coded speed data
  • Better in-cab tools
  • Saves money
  • Safety first

Post Speed Green

Green is good
Your displayed speed will show green as long as you’re within the posted speed limit.

Post Speed Amber

Amber is a reminder
....when you exceed the posted speed limit, your display turns amber...

Post Speed Red

Red is a warning
…when the display turns red, that’s immediate feedback that helps keep drivers safe and your business moving forward.

Right-size with EROAD

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“We work for the community and we have to give them the best value for their dollar. Staff used to book vehicles out for a whole day instead of just the time they needed them.

Now we’re using EROAD U Book-It, once a vehicle is returned to the council carpark, it checks itself in and is made available in the pool. Each booking gets coded to a costcentre, which helps us charge back kilometres travelled to the right department.”

Tony Bird
Vehicle Fleet Coordinator, Northland Regional Council

Optimise profitability across your fleet

With EROAD you’ll be able to easily identify opportunities to balance the workload across your fleet, and gain insights into how and where to optimise your fleet size and make-up.

  • Right-size your fleet 
  • Improve cost-to-revenue ratio 
  • Maximise asset utilisation


One platform, multiple applications

EROAD puts everything at your fingertips, saving you time and effort at every turn.
Our single platform takes care of your compliance, safety and fleet management needs.


One device multiple driver-friendly applications

EROAD Ehubo2
EROAD’s next-generation in-vehicle hardware offers multiple easy-to-use applications on a single device, delivering better safety outcomes for your business and improving productivity and profitability.

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EROAD health and safety product guide
Find out how our technology makes compliance with health and safety regulations easier.

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5 reasons why corporate fleets are moving to EROAD
Choose EROAD technology for your fleet, and you are choosing a partner that has a proven ability to deliver technology that meets your needs now and into the future.

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