Contact tracing under Alert Level 2 and 3 restrictions

Under Alert Level 3, there are restrictions to keep workers safe, limit interaction with customers, and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Businesses need to operate safely and self-assess their ability to meet these restrictions.

Under Alert Level 2, it is not life as normal, and there are some restrictions and other measures in place to reduce the risk of transmission. We need to maintain physical distancing, self-isolate anyone who is unwell, continue hygiene standards and contact registers. One area that EROAD can help you and your business operate under these Alert Levels is by using EROAD’s GPS vehicle tracking capability.

If in the unfortunate circumstance one of your drivers comes into contact with a person who has a suspected COVID-19 infection, EROAD can assist with wider contact tracing efforts. This is due to the GPS capabilities of the EROAD telematics solution, which utilises the Ehubo hardware unit fitted into company vehicles.

The EROAD Contact Tracing Service, can be called on in the case of a suspected infection, and this free report can be used to help demonstrate to authorities your capability to record who your employees came into contact with.

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How this on request service works

  • You have an employee with a suspected COVID-19 infection
  • Contact EROAD with your employee's details, the vehicle(s) which they were in charge of and the time period to be traced
  • We will run a report - which details every stop longer than 5 minutes, that a vehicle made during a target time period
  • For each stop we provide Latitude/Longitude location, a geocoded address, and the geofence name if within a geofence, and the stop duration
  • For each stop - we cross reference other vehicles in your organisation which were stopped in the same location in order to provide a list of vehicles (and therefore other employees) who may have been in contact
  • To receive this report, contact EROAD Customer Support 0800 437 623, and press 2 and this data will be provided to you to support your wider contact tracing efforts


EROAD’s GPS vehicle tracking capability provides instant visibility across your fleet

Knowing the location of your vehicles in real time (and also retrospectively) provides peace of mind and helps to keep drivers safe and businesses profitable.

Your vehicles produce a huge amount of valuable data every day. EROAD’s telematics solution captures that data and combines it together to provide powerful insights about your fleet to help you make better, more informed, data-based fleet management decisions.

EROAD’s highly intuitive platform, does a lot more than simply monitor your fleet’s GPS location and the distance your vehicles travel. It provides sophisticated data to help you make better decisions about your fleet as well as automating a range of tasks to free up your staff to do other things.

Everything from route planning and optimisationdriver and vehicle performancefuel usage through to safetyproductivityRUC compliancemaintenance scheduling and cost management can now be monitored to ensure efficiencies are being achieved across all parts of your business.

In effect, it provides you with a 360-degree view of your entire operation and displays the data in such a way that helps you make critical business decisions with a continual improvement mindset. You can see trends that are impacting your bottom line or productivity including visibility at an individual level, from a driver to a single vehicle or piece of equipment, to a high-level view of your entire fleet.


How does GPS telematics work?

EROAD's telematics technology comprises of four key components, which all work together to tell a story about the performance of your vehicles.

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Monitor your fleet’s productivity on one telematics platform

Telematics technology provides you with an accurate view of where your fleet is, the exact routes taken and how your vehicles and drivers are performing at any time.

You can also see jobs completed, which driver was in the vehicle and for how long, as well as monitor stops made, and time spent at customer sites.

EROAD’s telematics provides you with visibility so you can schedule jobs effectively based on the location of each vehicle in your fleet. Your dispatchers can also make constant route adjustments based on traffic conditions, vehicle availability and weather conditions. You can also switch resources around to ensure deliveries reach your customers when they need to.

At the same time as improving dispatch, you can keep your clients informed of estimated arrival times, which helps build trust and customer satisfaction along the way. In addition, you can also analyse and use the data from completed jobs to make decisions that better serve your customers in the future.

EROAD’s data insights then allow you to better allocate resources, optimise routes, reduce turn-around times and plan schedules more accurately. This can also help lower operating costs, such as fuel and labour, at the same time as lifting the bar when it comes to providing a high standard of customer service.

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