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Improving Customer Experience

Provide your customers with accurate and detailed on-site monitoring, proof of service reporting and contract compliance.

Build strong and sustainable business relationships with your customers and improve contract compliance through the monitoring and sharing of reliable and informative reporting of on-site activity. Have a complete overview of your own and your contractors’ fleets and keep your team up to date with key site information.


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Proof of Service

EROAD’s Proof of Service provides a new ‘gold standard’ for contract reporting with a map visualisation of asset or fleet activity for the reporting period, as well as a complete drilldown to all sensor events.

It simplifies contract reporting to help customers retain and invoice civil maintenance or construction engagements.

The report delivers an accurate, verifiable record of service of auxiliary equipment activity based on EROAD’s highly accurate tracking devices – Ehubo2 and ETrack Wired.

Once the vehicle’s auxiliary equipment is physically connected to EROAD’s hardware – the report can deliver an accurate, verifiable record of service to your customers. The proof of service report can deliver a comprehensive description of civil contracting activity including pavement gritting, sweeping, snow clearance, mowing, road sweeping, road marking or of construction activity such as digging, rolling or grading.

For a completely frictionless experience, customers additionally have the option to provide the Contract Owner with a log-in to view activity completed in their own portal view.

Key Features

  • Visualisation of auxiliary equipment activity on a map (base map layer and satellite map layer) clearly denoting  activity. Activity can be viewed across a day, week or month for selected vehicles or groups.
  • CSV extract including vehicle, activity type, data/time, road location start – end, distance and average speed for granular proof of service reporting. 
  • Option to integrate with your RAMM data for a complete view.
  • Proof of Service Login for your own customers.


fleetandasset Proof of service


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EROAD Share is a unique feature of the EROAD platform that allow you to have the same visibility of a partner or sub-contractor’s fleets as you have of your own. This gives you the ability to continue to deliver high-quality service to your customers, whilst ensuring the safety of all drivers working for you.

For example, if a vehicle is off the road due to repairs and you need to utilise a sub-contractor’s asset, or you rent a truck from a hire company, at the click of a button they can share real-time data directly from the non-fleet vehicle back to you. This ensures your drivers, dispatchers and management have minimal business disruption, letting you get back to business.

  • EROAD Share will allow you to share (or receive) visibility of location, Leaderboard driver behaviour reports, driver insight reports, and driver safety reports
  • Share visibility when working on a joint venture, or a road maintenance contract
  • Require hire vehicles equipped with EROAD to be shared with you
  • Require subcontractors or your suppliers to share visibility with you

“We now have the same level of visibility across our owner-driver fleet as we do of our own company fleet and can now better manage all their compliance. We thought we were good and now, with EROAD Share across the fleet, we know we’re good.”

Barry Raymond
CEO, Freightlines

Site Activity Reporting

EROAD’s geofence reporting will give you a complete view of site activity – by customer, branch or region – using tags, so you can easily interrogate your performance and confirm contract compliance through KPI’s such as the number of visits, arrival/ departure time and time on site.

Integration with Job Management

EROAD’s Partner Gateway

Through our Partner Gateway and available APIs, EROAD has integrated with key job management platforms giving a single view in the MyEROAD and the ability for you to improve your customer service.


Dispatch messages from MyEROAD to an Ehubo2 or a Driver App running on a phone or tablet. Allows you to easily communicate key job information to your on-site team or send health and safety alerts such as new induction requirements on a particular site.

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