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Improve driver safety, behaviour and performance with a comprehensive suite of technology and tools.

EROAD are experts in helping you manage the risks associated with fleet management and supporting a safety focused culture in your organisation. Creating a safe workplace is a key goal for all of our customers. We provide you with driver-friendly tools and the reports you need to meet your obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act – from safer driving, to safer vehicles.


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  • Logbook violations
  • Incident investigation
  • Leaderboard
  • Driver Insights Reports
  • Exception alerts
  • Work period reports
  • Posted speed report

Revolutionise health and safety compliance with the Ehubo2

EROAD’s Ehubo2 device bridges the gap between after-the-event management reporting and real-time behind-the-wheel influence on driver behaviour. This is delivering faster and more sustainable safety outcomes for our customers.

Multiple driver-centric applications on a single platform will revolutionise safety compliance for your business: Drive Buddy, Messaging, Fuel Management, Driver Login and Electronic RUC.

helthandsafety EHubo2

helthandsafety EHubo2

Driver coaching

The Ehubo2 and MyEROAD software delivers a single, consistent platform for your drivers. Monitor live vehicle and driver behaviour and deliver coaching and scoring to a driver directly in-cab.

Benchmark your drivers against their industry peers and compare them to the EROAD population of 60,000+ vehicles.

Driver Login

Driver Login on the Ehubo2 is a flexible platform to ensure you can track all of your employees, including temporary drivers, with no key fobs, no fuss. You can monitor driving time and location of drivers in real time, using the MyEROAD web application.

Driver accountability has a very real impact on safe driving – a recent EROAD study found that vehicles where a driver was logged in had 50% less speed events than vehicles with no identified driver.

helthandsafety Driver LoginDriver identification login

helthandsafety Drive BuddyDrive Buddy alerts

Drive Buddy

Drive Buddy supports your drivers with visual, easy-to-understand messages. Real-time feedback and alerts enable drivers to develop and maintain good driving habits.


Stay in touch with your drivers with our secure two-way messaging service. Broadcast a message to the entire fleet or specific vehicles to improve productivity, safety and job management.

helthandsafety Fleet MessagingTwo-way fleet messaging

helthandsafety Sealtbelt MonitoringSeatbelt monitoring

Sealtbelt Monitoring

We make it easier for you to monitor your staff’s safety when they’re driving. A visual and audible alert reminds the driver to buckle up, and sends a notification to your fleet manager.

Posted Speed

Provides drivers with the real-time road network speed data they need to make better driving decisions.

helthandsafety Posted SpeedPosted speed limits

NZTA approved LogbookLogbook fatigue alerts

NZTA approved Logbook

Electronic Logbook is NZTA approved so you can have complete confidence that you and your staff are on the right side of the work-time and logbook laws. Automatic visual and audio alerts assist the driver to comply with logbook rules and regulations.

It also displays and emails logbook data as requested to support roadside inspections or audits.

Real-time work hours, logbook activity and time sheets are accessible via MyEROAD platform for dispatchers and office staff.

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