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Fleet and Asset Productivity

Full visibility and tracking of all vehicles and assets to maximise utilisation and productivity and provide detailed proof of service reporting.

EROAD’s “whole of fleet” telematics solution and utilisation reporting ensure you can maximise productivity, improve return on investment and ensure you are delivering the best possible outcomes for your customers.


  • Fleet and Asset ProductivityWhole of fleet view
  • Site monitoring
  • Robust asset tracking devices
  • Utilisation reporting
  • Trip investigator

Asset Tracking

By pairing the right technology to the right assets, we can ensure you have the best solution for every part of your business.

From Heavy and Light Vehicles to Powered and non-Powered assets – our solution has all the bases covered. From the in-cab Ehubo2 that provides industry leading telematics, driver behaviour and health and safety capability – through to wired and battery powered asset tracking devices – we can ensure that you not only have visibility of your assets but the information you need to make sure they are being fully utilised and delivering on your contract commitments.

Independent Auxiliary Equipment Monitoring

EROAD’s asset tracking solution not only covers your primary assets but also gives full visibility and tracking of your auxiliary equipment usage – including hours of usage and location tracking that enables accurate proof of service reporting and service management.

fleetandasset asset tracking

Asset Tracking Devices


EROAD’s in-cab telematics solution provides world class tracking and management for your road going assets and vehicles – where simplifying RUC payments and refunds, improving driver behaviour, managing service and maintenance, health and safety compliance, and managing on and off-road work movements are key requirements.

fleetandasset ehubo2

fleetandasset ETrackWired

ETrack Wired – Asset Tracker

ETrack Wired is designed to take care of tracking your powered assets and equipment – when you need a full tracking and management solution but don’t require the in-cab experience of the Ehubo2.

The ETrack device is:

  • Durable, watertight and IP rated enclosure
  • High sensitivity GPS
  • Rechargeable backup battery, with up to 6 months life
  • 2 inputs for additional data capture

Fleet Tracking

EROAD’s advanced, secure fleet tracking provides operational transparency and enhanced control.

Real-time and historical vehicle information is displayed on digital maps, allowing you to see at a glance the location of vehicles and staff in the field. You can confidently allocate resources, optimise routes, plan accurate schedules, and maximise productivity.

EROAD Geofence Site Activity

Site Activity Monitoring

Stop watch geofence allows you to set time limits for geofences and monitor time-on-site targets. The Geofence Site Activity provides complete visibility of activity on site – including turnaround time, site entry and exit time and duration of auxiliary equipment usage – to facilitate invoicing, proof of service and handling supplier queries and disputes.

Geofence Customer Tags let you create SLA reports for your customers based on activity on site and schedule them direct to their inbox.

EROAD is partnered with most of the large leasing and rental companies in New Zealand where vehicles come EROAD equipped, allowing you complete visibility.

Utilisation Toolkit

Knowing where your assets are and what they are doing is the first step. Our suite of utilisation tools then takes you to the next level of productivity management.

  • Utilisation Reports allow you to see vehicle or group utilisation percentages based on running hours or distance. The report lets you determine target running hours and then report on exceptions to this KPI.
  • Trip Investigator allows your dispatchers to interrogate departure and arrival times from point to point to help optimise travel routes.
  • Dispatcher visibility of driver’s logbook time remaining enables efficient allocation of jobs.
  • Advanced geofence tools such as time alerts for vehicles running behind schedule.
  • EROAD also has its own Pool Booking platform targeted and increasing utilisation of pool cars.
  • Integration with job management providers like My Trucking can provide income per kilometre reports for profitability analysis.

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