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Accurate Data and Insights

Maximise asset performance with accurate and insightful reporting, including industry benchmarking, through a single source of truth.

EROAD’s Analytics and Reporting were founded on two core principles – unparalleled accuracy and reliability to give you complete confidence in the data delivered. The Ehubo2 has been independently verified to accurately record location and distance at a tax audit level of +/-0.5%.


  • Accurate Data and InsightsAccuracy of data
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Trends to monitor fleet progress
  • Exception alerting
  • Integration with industry partners


EROAD’s web application, MyEROAD, allows you to view and monitor your vehicles in real time from any web-enabled device. MyEROAD is home to a range of powerful tools and insightful reports, all designed to help you better manage your business.

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Benchmarking is the differentiator for EROAD’s Analytics suite. EROAD is in a unique position to generate high quality, advanced data analyses based on the big data we have access to through the over 60,000 EROAD equipped vehicles throughout New Zealand.

Drivers can be benchmarked against other drivers in your industry – and across the whole transport sector. The Fuel Efficiency report delivers a view of performance using a simple traffic light rating system. The report rates vehicles against the fuel efficiency benchmark for Make and Model, across EROAD’s national fleet – allowing you to easily identify vehicles which have room for improvement, and to make vehicle purchasing decisions based on fuel efficiency.


Leaderboard shows how your drivers compare within your organisation and to EROAD’s industry benchmarks and tracks how they perform over time, with scores based on key driver metrics.

Driver Insight

A summary of smart, driver-specific feedback, this report highlights specific areas for improvement and key messages, making it easy to empower your drivers to adopt safe driving habits.

Virtual Speed Camera

EROAD’s powerful Virtual Speed Camera tool helps you to pinpoint areas of risk and set safe operating speeds for your fleet. You can create geofences around your key high-risk areas such as customer sites, loading zones and schools and set specific limits.

Over Speed Dashboard

Over Speed Dashboard provides a record of vehicle speeding events that exceed posted speed limits. It presents an overview of the speeding behaviour across your fleet, including trends, and enables you to focus on individual speeding events.

Max Speed Alert

Take swift action to address excessive speed, protecting your business, your drivers and the public. Max Speed Alert provides real-time speeding notifications to help you meet health and safety compliance, maintain your ORS rating, avoid the costly impact of an on-road incident and support driver training and incentive programmes.

Trip Investigator

Improve fatigue management with Trip Investigator. It shows you exactly where your vehicles have travelled the previous day or week, and allows you to identify excessively long trips and after-hours travel.

Fuel Card Integration

EROAD integrates with all major NZ fuel cards and receives a daily API to show you exceptions such as wrong fuel being used, vehicles in a different location to where the fuel card was used, or changes in consumption. We also support bulk upload from your own tanks. The report lets you benchmark your fuel performance versus the rest of the population for the same make and model.

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