What Dynes Transport have learnt about effective fatigue management

Stephen Divers, Risk & Compliance Manager at Dynes Transport installed Seeing Machines Guardian technology into his entire fleet over the last year, and has also added EROAD Clarity Connected dashcams as part of the companies holistic fatigue management program. Here are 9 things that Stephen has learnt one year into their advanced fatigue risk reduction program. Read more »

4 ways to reduce heavy truck emissions today

The road transport sector is vital to our economy. From groceries to building supplies, almost everything comes off the back of a truck. Heavy trucks account for almost 25% of all road transport emissions . Despite improvements in fuel efficiency in recent years, emissions are still rising, mainly due to increasing road freight traffic and an ageing fleet. Read more »

3 ways to maximise fuel efficiency when upgrading your fleet

Fuel efficiency is top of mind for fleet operators, however big or small their fleet. By upgrading to newer more efficient vehicles, fleets can make huge improvements to their fuel usage. However, those potential fuel efficiency savings are heavily influenced by other factors, such as driver behaviour.

Read more »


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