U Book-It simplifies pool vehicle management

This month we made some enhancements to our vehicle booking system, U Book-It. If a vehicle is returned early, it can now be automatically released back into the pool using customisable base return timeout settings. You can set ‘Available hours’ for a vehicle, so it can only be booked in office hours if required. 

U Book-It integrates with Depot to help organisations make better use of their fleets. It delivers cost savings by simplifying the booking process, making it easier to utilise pool vehicles, and providing data that can help you right-size your fleets.

If a vehicle has an EROAD hardware device installed, the EROAD system quickly uploads its details to the U Book-It fleet pool, reducing administration time and setup costs. Vehicle location data is used to optimise availability of vehicles by releasing them back into the pool if they haven’t been picked up.

Utilisation reporting allows you to quickly identify over capacity by displaying vehicle bookings against set targets, cancelled hours and overall usage.


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