Keep track of key assets

Geofence Activity with Auxiliary Inputs helps you optimise productivity, supports accurate billing and lets you compare actual activity of auxiliary equipment against scheduled commitments.

You know your digger is on site, but is it just sitting there? You can now track where and when your auxiliary equipment is in use. Geofence Activity with Auxiliary Inputs lets you see the time and duration of use, and distance travelled on site of key assets.

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APAC Geofence Activity Dashboard


Search using latitude and longitude

Our new Latitude and Longitude Search lets you enter latitude and longitude coordinates into the Activity screen search bar, with the results centred and marked on the map.

You can identify the landing sites of your load, create precision geofences, and pinpoint areas for health and safety purposes.

Latitude and Longitude Search can also take coordinates copied and pasted from other tools including Google Maps.

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APAC LatLong


Get a real-time view with Drivers activity tab improvements

The Drivers activity tab helps you keep track of your drivers at all times. Your drivers are displayed on the Drivers activity tab, including last known vehicle location information and login status. This feature was previously only accessible to logbook users; we’ve now made it available to anyone using our second generation products. 

 NZ Driver Tab

Update EROAD Driver App

google play store icon

Updating is easy. From your Android mobile device, click on the Google Play image above to take you to the EROAD Driver page. If the Update option is available, the version currently installed on your device is not the latest. Tap Update to install the latest version and follow the instructions.

QUICK TIP: To simplify app updates and take advantage of all features and improvements, we recommend you enable auto-update on your drivers’ mobile devices.

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Download the product updates pdf

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