Find a Seat means you arrive in a car, not in a convoy

It’s bad enough when you’ve got a meeting across town and all your pool cars are booked out. It’s even worse when you turn up, only to discover that three of your colleagues are already there, each of them having arrived separately in a company vehicle. That’s not just infuriating, it costs your business money.

Find a Seat solves the problem and saves the money.

Find a Seat is a new optional upgrade to U Book-It, and takes EROAD’s popular vehicle booking system to its logical conclusion by searching for available seats in pool cars and letting you thumb a ride in any vehicle already travelling where you want to go.

It’s not only clever, it’s simple to use. Just enter your destination and the time and place of your departure, and you’re presented with a list of suitable vehicles. Select a car – you can choose seats for yourself and your colleagues – and you’re done. Email notifications provide any relevant information, including reminders and booking cancellations, while U Book-It’s utilisation reports are now expanded with the upgrade to include a full list of bookers and passengers.

Find a Seat dovetails with other ingenious U Book-It features, including automatic check-ins and cancellations, and real-time vehicle location, which help prevent your expensive pool vehicle fleet sitting idle – and ensures that the next time you and your workmates go offsite for a meeting, you arrive in a car, not in a convoy.

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