EROAD Electronic Logbook: Instant retrieval of current location

When entering logbook events, the EROAD Electronic Logbook automatically populates the Location field on screen with the current location. We have enhanced the speed of automatically retrieving your current location so that it now populates almost instantly.

Simplifying compliance is what the EROAD Electronic Logbook is all about.

elb location 2015


Manage permissions to retrospectively enter logbook events

The ability to manually enter the start and end time of an Electronic Logbook event retrospectively can be a useful tool for drivers to rectify an occasional moment of negligence. Or it can turn into a bad habit and compromise logbook integrity and compliance status.

This feature allows you to decide whether a driver can manually set start and end times for their Logbook entries on the mobile device, providing you with better control over your Organisations compliance and Health and Safety standards.

Find out how to disable manual entries here.

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