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How telematics makes your RUC management simple
RUC compliance is a necessary part of running your fleet. Here’s how telematics can save you time, increase cash-flow and your off-road RUC refunds.

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Your top RUC questions answered
Manually managing RUC compliance can be a complex process. Here’s how technology can save you time on RUC, enhance cash-flow and maximise your RUCOR claims.

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Online transport management made easy
We will help you improve cashflow, deliver better service to your customers, and run a more efficient business. Any EROAD customer who signs up for MyTrucking through EROAD will receive their first month of MyTrucking service free.

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Safety in numbers

EROAD delivers the confidence you need to ensure compliance and safety at all times, run a more efficient fleet, and reduce the biggest costs associated with fleet ownership.

RUC Compliance

Dramatically reduce the time and money spent on RUC compliance and optimise your cash flow.


Health & Safety

Proactively manage obligations and mitigate risks associated with the Health and Safety at Work legislation.


Fleet Management

Leverage powerful data and insights to confidently and securely operate the most efficient and effective fleet possible.

Truck Star

“Departments used to assign roughly $6K per month to vehicle cost allocation. Now it’s around $2500 per month.”

Ken McEwen, Manager Security & Campus Community Support, The University of Canterbury

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Find your plan

Mix and match depending on your fleet shape, size and needs. 

Light Vehicles
Light Vehicles
  • LV Track
  • LV Track Plans
  • Ehubo 2 Core Lite
  • Ehubo2 SafeDriver Lite

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Heavy Vehicles
Heavy Vehicles
  • HV Track
  • HV Connected
  • HV Advance
  • SafeDriver

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  • Trackplan
  • Satellite Asset Tracker

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