Easy, reliable and accurate fleet management technology

EROAD’s driver facing telematics enables fleet managers and drivers to improve safety, streamline business operations and improve profitability for your trucks, utes and assets.

What’s new at EROAD


RUC discount ended 30 June
Make sure your fleet has new, or overlap RUC licences in place before 31 July 2023.


Fleet Expo – Hamilton, 26 July 2023
A must-attend annual conference for fleet managers — Fleet Day brings together industry experts, the latest light and heavy fleet solutions and a prime networking opportunity.


EROAD Clarity Locate
Smart GPS fleet tracking for light vehicles from only $19 a month with hardware purchase. Choose GPS tracking + telematics only, or add front-facing or dual-facing camera features.


Video telematics (dashcams)

Video footage captured by dash cams can help exonerate drivers and speed up investigations.

Electronic RUC

Buy and manage RUC licenses for your fleet online with our automated electronic RUC system, approved by Waka Kotahi NZTA.
Electronic RUC reduces admin and could speed up your off-road RUC refunds.

Fleet tracking

Where could you be saving money on your fleet costs?
Fleet management software with accurate GPS tracking and advanced reporting give you the best data available to help take the guesswork out of business decisions.

Safety in numbers

EROAD delivers the confidence you need to ensure compliance and safety at all times, run a more efficient fleet, and reduce the biggest costs associated with fleet ownership.

Leverage the benefits and reap the rewards of computerised compliance.

The condition of your fleet and the health of your drivers at your fingertips

Easily view, monitor and manage your vehicles in real time.


“With EROAD I am able to view the fleet anywhere in New Zealand at any time, and keep on top of what’s happening.”

Aaron Bonner, General Manager, LongChill Limited

Find your plan

Mix and match depending on your fleet shape, size and needs.


Ehubo2 Heavy and Light

Compliance, fleet management and health & safety solutions for light and heavy fleets

Construction assets

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking and management solutions for your business

Video Telematics

Video Telematics

Telematics solutions combining GPS tracking technology and cloud video