Designed with the driver in mind

At EROAD, we believe technology should be simple, that it should work for you and make your job easier.

We provide user-friendly hardware you can rely on, and real-person support you can count on. Our powerful solutions are created with our customers in mind, from the driver behind the wheel to the team behind the scenes.

Use EROAD’s secure, advanced technology platform to manage your road user charges, and meet your health and safety obligations and fleet management needs, lowering overall costs and improving your return on investment.


Our NZ Transport Agency-approved electronic distance recorders, tracking devices and mobile app provide a range of enhanced electronic RUC (road user charges), safety features and accurate fleet tracking.

Manage all your vehicles and assets – light, heavy and equipment – in one web browser, to improve operational transparency and enhance control.

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Depot allows you to view and monitor your vehicles in real time from any web-enabled device. It is home to a range of powerful tools and insightful reports, all designed to make compliance, safety and fleet management easier.

Depot is cloud-based so there is no software to install, and no limit to the number of users from your company, providing fleet visibility to multiple staff, suppliers and customers.

Tax, compliance and vehicle maintenance data is stored on Depot for seven years, making it easy meet your statutory requirements around record keeping.

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Ehubo and Tubo products are approved by the Secretary for Transport as electronic distance recorders. Trucks and trailers with EROAD hardware installed are not required to have mechanical hubodometers fitted or to display paper RUC licences. EROAD Electronic Logbook is approved by NZ Transport Agency as an alternative to paper logbooks. EROAD is approved as Industry Agent by NZ Transport Agency, allowing customers to purchase RUC through our online portal.

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1. EROAD's in-vehicle hardware, the Ehubo records, stores and continuously transmits encrypted data via the cellular network

2. Vehicle information is processed by EROAD’s application server and made available to users via a secure website, called Depot

3. Secure, bank-grade payment gateway enables EROAD to manage and pay road user charges. 

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