The EROAD Light Vehicle Driving Awards

Celebrating safe, efficient driving in light vehicles 

Safety has always been a priority of the heavy vehicle industry and EROAD, and the recent Health and Safety at Work legislation has significantly increased safety requirements for business owners with fleets of all shapes and sizes.

This means our technology is being used to help businesses with light vehicles (cars, vans or small trucks under 3.5 tonnes), simplify compliance, enhance visibility and support safe driving. 

We believe safety should be rewarded, so we are proud to launch the EROAD Light Vehicle Driving Awards.

EROAD LV Awards badge

Let your drivers know

Every quarter we will use the EROAD Leaderboard* to award the highest scoring driver of a light vehicle, a mystery weekend for two!

This is an awesome opportunity to promote health and safety in your business, and reap the rewards of safe, efficient driving to your bottom-line. We have created material to help you promote the awards around the office.

* EROAD’s Leaderboard ranks drivers based on an algorithm of variables including events over the speed limit, harsh braking and quick acceleration.

Competition details and eligibility

The first quarter for the competition will run from 1 April to 30 June 2017.

Each quarter will run every three months thereafter, and the winner and company will be contacted by EROAD shortly after the last day of the quarter.

If you would not like your company or drivers to take part in these awards, please complete the opt-out form.

During the competition quarter, drivers must use EROAD’s Driver Login on Ehubo2 or Driver ID to log at least 600km in a light vehicle in New Zealand. Light vehicles are cars, vans and small trucks that weigh less than 3.5 tonnes.

No personal data will be shared, winners will be notified by EROAD.

You can read full terms and conditions here.

Opt-out form