How fuel efficient are your vehicles?

EZfuel – Drive sustainability and performance

Fuel is one of the largest costs associated with operating a transport business and improvements in fuel efficiency go straight to the bottom line. 

Our EZfuel module helps you manage your fuel use by combining fuel records with vehicle distance and location information generated by the EROAD vehicle hardware - giving you the insight you need to effectively manage fuel costs.

  • Benchmark fuel efficiency against your fleet and the EROAD population of connected vehicles
  • See at a glance how speeding, idling and fuel transaction events affect your fleet’s efficiency
  • Quickly identify unusual fuel transactions
The impacts of Driver Behaviour of fuel consumption.
  • Reducing peak speed by just 8 km/h saves 10% to 15% in fuel consumption
  • A heavy duty truck or bus, diesel engine that is idling uses 2 litres of fuel an hour

Source: EECA Business


Top 5 tips for reducing fuel consumption

1. Reduce engine idling
Turn off vehicles when they are picking up loads and plan routes to minimise the impact of traffic congestion. EROAD’s Idle Report tracks idling by vehicle, driver and location so you can focus on where you will get the best returns.

2. Reduce speed
According to EECA, reducing speed by around 10 kilometres per hour can reduce fuel consumption by around 0.25 litres per kilometre. EROAD’s Over Speed Report tracks over speed events by vehicle, driver and location, allowing you to reduce overall speeding events and focus on individual events for improved analysis.

3. Focus on driver behaviour
Better timing of gear changes and fewer braking and acceleration events all contribute to reduced fuel consumption. Consider using a driver training partner and you’ll enjoy health and safety benefits as well as improved fuel efficiency.

4. Check your tyres and cover your loads
Keep an eye on tyre pressure. Ensuring your tyre are at optimal pressure can save up to 3% in fuel costs. And if you’re operating open trailers, an aerodynamic cover, when they’re loaded or unloaded,  can make a significant difference to fuel efficiency.

5. Monitor fuel efficiency
As you implement the above four tips for improving fuel efficiency, make sure you keep an eye on the efficiency of your vehicles with EROAD’s Fuel Efficiency report. Our Fuel Efficiency report allows you to benchmark a vehicle’s fuel efficiency against the average for its make and model. 

Product Information

2016 04 08 NZ Fuel Efficiency 2.0

EZfuel module

Our award-winning EZfuel module helps you manage your fuel transactions, identify trends and exceptions, and understand fuel efficiency across your fleet. The EZfuel reporting suite provides fuel efficiency, driver performance, and cost and emission-related information for daily and selected reporting periods.

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EZfuel awards

NZ Green 50

Following the launch of EZfuel, EROAD was placed 5th on the New River Green 50 List, a directory of companies providing products and services that improve the environment. 

EECA AwardsLogo 2014

In 2014, EZfuel was a Finalist & Highly Commended in the EECA Transport Awards, in recognition of the success it has had in improving fleet safety and energy benefits.

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