Road user charges made easy

Off-road claims are completely paperless

You can submit your off-road claims to NZ Transport Agency electronically with the click of a button, at no extra charge.

That means no printing out claim forms, checking and signing them, and mailing them to NZ Transport Agency.

As soon as a RUC licence expires, EROAD’s mapping engine automatically calculates which portion is not subject to RUC because it is classified as off-road travel; for example travel on a private road or depot. The EROAD system generates a RUCOR (Road User Charges Off-Road) report, which you submit electronically to NZ Transport Agency for a refund.

You’ll get your refunds faster, and improve your cash flow.

nz eruc halls testimonial

I just processed 160 pages of RUCORs in six minutes. The old way of verifying then printing 160 pages would have taken me at least three hours, then probably another day to date and sign all 160 pages.

Now it’s just a click of a button and they’re submitted.

I love it! It’s made my life so much easier!

Annalese McNair
Workshop Admin Supervisor
Halls Group

Real time electronic RUC management

Don’t waste any more of your time using an outdated paper based system when there is a better way – the EROAD way.

EROAD’s electronic RUC application automatically records distance travelled, locations and calculates off-road journeys. You can buy RUC licences online, 24x7, using our secure, bank-grade payment gateway.

EROAD is New Zealand’s market leader in the provision of electronic road user charges to commercial vehicle operators.

Our NZTA-approved technology platform means you can safely ensure you do not overpay RUC and that you receive the RUC refunds you are entitled to. 

Testimonial Williams and Wilshier Ltd

We use AutoRUC so we know our trucks are compliant when they’re away from the base – it’s one of those things that you set and forget. We don’t have to send out RUC labels to drivers who live out of town and we know exactly when their trucks are due for a service.”

Jason Williams
Williams & Wilshier Ltd


Training videos

Watch our videos to see out how easy it is to purchase and manage RUC:



Top 6 reasons to go electronic

1. Ditch the hubo
EROAD’s electronic distance recorders overcome all the shortcomings associated with mechanical hubodometers.

2. Never run out of RUC
Buy RUC when you need it, online 24/7.  No paper licences.  No downtime.

3. Reduce admin costs
Eliminate the costs of manual data entry and RUC administration.

4. Pay as you go with AutoRUC
Automated purchase of new licences before the current licence expires.

5. Increase your off-road refunds
Automatic off-road tracking, refund reporting and claim form.

6. Go mobile
View RUC status and purchase RUC from any web enabled mobile device 24/7.

Product Information

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10 Reasons to make EROAD your technology partner

EROAD is New Zealand’s leading transport technology and service company and the largest electronic RUC provider. Find out how EROAD’s electronic RUC solution can also help you manage compliance and improve the operational performance of your business.

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