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Ehubo2 – the single in-cab device for your business

Ehubo2 is the new addition to EROAD’s family of in-vehicle hardware devices.  It offers an uncompromised range of enhanced ERUC and compliance features.

The Ehubo2 helps improve safety outcomes with a touchscreen colour display that delivers real-time in-cab driver feedback, driver messaging and Driver ID. 

You now have a choice of two electronic distance recorders: Ehubo1 and Ehubo2.

NZ Landing Ehubo2

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EROAD’s in-vehicle hardware makes operating a transport business easier and more profitable. Our technology will help you meet increasingly stringent compliance requirements and health and safety obligations.

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Drive Buddy

Complying with all health and safety requirements while working in a fast-paced environment can put a lot of pressure on your business.

EROAD’s in-cab Drive Buddy supports your drivers with visual, easy-to-understand feedback in real time to support better driving.

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